One Year in Berlin

We decided that if we're going to make a big move we have to do it while AJ is little. So we jumped. It's been tough. It's hard to have a small child with no network. It's hard to leave a thriving business. It's hard to start again in a country that speaks a different language, tells time differently (military time has been hard to get used to!), and even uses a different

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My Berlin Kitchen- Part One

This process has been excruciating. Our beautiful pre war apartment did not come with a kitchen, or any lights, or any cabinets of any kind. Tis normal here. That means however that until we got the keys I couldn't measure or really get down to designing the kitchen. So six weeks of living without an actual kitchen has been pretty terrible, not the worst,

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JHD at a Glance

Hallo, wie geht es dir heute?

I've relocated to Berlin and opened a JHD outpost here. I know it's a bit out of the blue. It's been a dream my husband and I have held for a long time. We decided to take the plunge

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