Full Service Interior Design

Jamie House Design specializes in the design of entire homes from new construction to remodels in addition to individual rooms. We excel at designing your space down to each detail, every molding and trim is thoughtfully executed. Each space is finished to the final flowers being placed. We work closely with your architect and builder to create a cohesive plan that is perfectly "you". When the architecture is already in place we work with you to decorate your house into a home. Our signature design approach ensures we are here for you each step of your design project, in each capacity we're needed.

Here is an overview of how our process works:


Step 1                                      

Submit a project inquiry on our contact page. We'll then send you an overview of our services & fees. If you like what you see, we'll send you a questionnaire and set up a phone consultation to find out about your design space and needs, and to introduce you to our company & philosophy. This first conversation is about mutually determining if we'd like to work together on the project. We'll discuss your project and desired budget, the design process, our fees, and any other questions or concerns you may have. An estimate of our design fees will be given to you & agreed upon after this meeting. 

Step 2- Survey & Agreement 

Once we have agreed to work together, we'll meet with you at your home to assess your current interior and discuss what changes and additions you have been considering. At this point, measurements or blueprints are given or we'll measure and create a floor-plan. We'll review the functions your home will need to fulfill for you. Whether you're building a new home, remodeling or simply decorating a room, my design team and I bridge the gaps between you and each trade, builder, and architect. We are happy to recommend a contractor and work with you to select an architect. 


Step 3- Design Plan & Presentation

Via a series of meetings for full home design, or one meeting for a room design Jamie House Design will present to you our design concept based on what we have learned from you combined with our own creativity. We will present our design concept  through the use of photos, floor-plans, elevations, fabric, paint, samples and other materials we recommend. At this point, the design is tweaked and/or approved into a final design plan. All of the proposals and selections are viewable to our clients 24 hours a day in the JHD Client Portal. 

Step 4- Implementation      

Once you’ve approved the final design and proposals, your finish out is scheduled with your contractor and we get to work ordering everything for your space. If your project is a new build or a renovation, this is the messy part where the concept of your home begins to take shape and become a reality. JHD coordinates schedules, orders and drawing details with your contractors. The team at Jamie House Design is also working diligently behind the scenes to make sure all of your goods are fabricated and arrive as planned. We check on your project site often and are always available for your questions. 


Step 5- Installation & Accessorizing

When your space is ready and all of your furnishings have arrived at the receiving warehouse, we oversee the white glove installation of everything for you. We prefer to install everything at once  with you out of the home. A room isn't completed until it's been accessorized and filled with your meaningful pieces. We install this final layer with a professional team of installers either at the furnishings installation or separately depending upon your project and personal needs.

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