How I Work.

I call myself a Designer of Lifestyles because I don’t just make your home pretty; I make it functional.  I make your life easier by making your home work the way you want your life to.  But I also want to make your home as fashionable as you look when you go out for the evening. 

About JHD.

I'm an interior designer. But really I'm a designer of lifestyles, a beauty hunter, a detail stickler, a creator of comfort and an interiors visionary. I am great at seeing possibilities and creating rooms more beautiful and functional than you've envisioned. I'm pretty good with color as well.


 I’ve been exposed to a wide range of great styles throughout my career and take something  from each of them. Fashion is my main influencer for interiors.  The same theories, ideas and loves that you have in your closet should be reflected throughout your home.